Personal References

Donald Raw, former School Superintendent
"Their professional integrity has been beyond reproach. I trust them to do
their work at the highest standard. With a 'follow through' mindset that is
second to none, they have repeatedly shown how they understand and
respond to the educational environment."

Steve Jones, Teacher, Eden Central School District
"I would like to sincerely thank the entire Young + Wright Architectural team
for donating their time/energy to create and facilitate such a unique authentic
learning experience for my Advanced CAD students. It will 'stick'
with them for many years to come."

Donald Raw, former School Superintendent
"I think that their work and coordination on issues related to the State
Education Department's rules and regulations, as well as the follow up with
the stall members from the Facilities Planning Office in Albany, has made a
huge difference for several aspects of our projects. They have worked hard to
maximize the state aid for our district, and it has proven beneficial for being
able to get other things done that will last into the future for our schools."